Watching TV

We'll sort of. When the movers packed my TV and HiFi system they took all the wires off and put them in a box. I had asked them to leave the wires on the receiver. "No worries," they said. "The wires are color coded. It will be easy to put back together." Well for the speakers that was true. But for the components of the system no way Jose! So the TV is resting on the couch while I wait for the hifi guys to come and put everything back together again. I noticed some cool reflections in the TV and here they are.

I finished up most of the unpacking today in time to go pick up the kitties and also to spend some time with Helena. While she was talking to her sister on the phone I grabbed a bite. And then she and I went to the vets and picked up the kitties.

We drove home and went into the house with the kitties and let them out of their boxes and they were so confused. They wandered around the house looking this way and that, looking quite nervous, trying to figure out where the heck they were.

Now it's several hours later and they seem to be getting adjusted to the new place. They are finding that there are more places to climb here and have found themselves on top of the mantlepiece, on the display cabinet, and on pretty much anything they could get to.

Most of the unpacking is now finished and most of the rooms look pretty complete. The study bedroom is a little less ready to go. But it will soon be like the rest of the house, a place to invite friends to visit. I am very happy with the results so far.

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