By Topsyturvy

Little things

I didn't quite know what to write for today as it's been bits and pieces but actually realised it's all those little things that matter and are generally life as we live it. It's easy to believe we've done little when in fact we've achieved a lot! So the pic is of a threadsaver, a little piece of fabric that has been through a number of sewing projects with me and, through a very humble job, acquired a rather interesting character of it's own, the original fabric now fairly obscured but still underneath it all, as pretty as it ever was.
All very deep and meaningful!
So my extras reflect the odd jobs from today: replacing the velcro on Dad's holds-everything bag; sorting a remedy for lovely daughter; lunchtime chat and crossword; Poppydog companionship; the moss fruiting bodies, literal little things and so pretty.
A doc appt was positive and worries allayed, thank goodness; no reply from the plumber wrt the pipe/puzzling extra holding tank; best of all, a lovely evening with lovely daughter and boyfriend, more relaxed than she's been for ages and delighting in showing Grandpa their new house.

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