Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

Hot dog

You can blame the credits on an animated film for this picture.

Bedroom tidied, grass cut, blip done, I think it's high time I went out. Cultivo Lounge for a bite to eat and then the theatre to see Mel Brooks show The Producers with Tim, Mick and Coral. Tim bless him had been out all week supposedly decorating his dining room as he had invited us all round for dinner in early October. I saw him last night and asked how he had got on, his answer was that he had bagged some rubbish up and taken some of those bags to the charity shop. This is the standard reply every time he takes time off work to do decorating. Progress is slow and he won't accept offers of help. Oh well, all we need is a bit of space to set out some going chairs, a takeaway and a bottle of wine and we'll be good.

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