Modern Day Morris dancers

Today was the Annual Morris dancing festival in Lincoln so this morning I popped into town to take a few shots and then later on this afternoon a trip up to the Cathedral area to take a few more.
This shot is of a group of women from Hessle nr Hull who call them selves the Raving Maes . they enjoyed them selves and included some  whoop whoops in their chants. Great to see something different to the traditional Morris dancing. It was so nice that it was a lovely sunny day as last year when i went and blipped the event it was a damp day.
I went with this shot as i like the capture of the movement in the skirts twirling and the flowing red hair. I took over 200 shots but manged to get it down to 65 shots of the different troops they can be seen HERE for those of you who want to see more.
In other news I have treated myself to a new lens talking to another photographer the other week was talking about having to keep  changing lenses and he advised getting a 18mm - 270mm ideal for close and distant shots so I picked one up of Ebay and am now waiting for it to be delivered next week.
Birding tomorrow so will see if I get the chance to get any shots 

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