Big Hill

By bighill

Misty Lily...

The past few days have been busy (just for a change!!!) and i realised today i haven't blipped in wonder i feel unbalanced!

Too much to recap, suffice it to say, lots of pots have been made, some napping has happened and i've had a fun time looking at places for Terry and I to have a 2 night get away down on the mainland.   If everything pans out, we'll be off on tuesday for 2 nights of relaxing and adventures!   I've never been to the Bay of Fundy and have always wanted to witness the craziness of the tides going in and out very quickly!

Having got dinner going i wandered around the garden....i loved seeing my outrageous lilies from the other side of the greenhouse!!!

2nd g and t done....should i go for a 3rd ?????

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