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The Old Forge (Saturday 2nd September 2017)

I mentioned in my last blip that the builder had been plastering the ceiling in the conservatory and here it is. Previously it had a polycarbonate roof that made it unusably hot in the summer and perishingly cold in the winter. There were about five days each year when it could be used. Furthermore the transparent ceiling let all noise in and out, so it wasn't suitable for turning up the radio with a clear conscience and was vulnerable to neighbours' dogs barking and the like, though I did like hearing the rain's noisy patter on the roof.

On Thursday the builder battened the rafters below the polycarbonate and fitted some immensely heavy acoustic boards for soundproofing, and on Friday he applied three coats of plaster, which is now drying out. On the downside it has made the living room behind it very dark, but the benefits are round-the-year use of the room, because also now heat from the radiator won't immediately vanish into the ether.

One casualty was the 40 year old Habitat pendant lamp seen here, because the ceiling rose cracked and perished during the process and then the globe bulb sprang out. I bought new lighting while I was in Devizes on Friday.

He also had time to paint the new coalshed door.

3.9.2017 (1500 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-50 (Yellow) and Pentax smc P-DA 12-24mm F4.0 ED/AL (IF) lens

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Colorama - Baby Don't Go (2017)
As a young teenager I was quite a fan of Sonny and Cher, so when I heard this the other day I instantly recognised it as one of theirs despite the very different arrangement. I was surprised that anyone had covered it as it was their first single as Sonny and Cher, predating I Got You Babe and not included on the album Look At Us that followed in the wake of their success. A little research has revealed that Baby Don't Go was re-released a year later and was a major US hit, whilst reaching number 11 in the UK, and has since been recorded by several artists, of whom Colorama are but the latest. Colorama was founded by Carwyn Ellis, who I know primarily for his work with Sarah Cracknell and Saint Etienne, whose love for sixties pop fits well with Colorama's musical ethos.

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