Great 'getting sorted' day....real sense of relief being (however briefly!) back on top of the to do list.
After a focussed morning I went for a wander round town and called in at the national gallery to have a good gaze at this Velasquez painting. Reading a good biography at the moment by Laura Cumming (winner of James Tait Black prize) about a man who was obsessed with a Velasquez that he bought unattributed. This particular painting of a woman cooking eggs is mentioned so I thought I'd go and look. Love being able to see something like this so easily....
Few purchases then home to finish ironing and pack last few bits and pieces away ready for the new week/term. Spoke to the kids-they all seemed pretty busy especially Mt&H still decorating like mad...they must be exhausted.
Made rather yummy pasta with courgettes, mint and (from Sardinia) pecorino followed by damson crisp pud.

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