Oh My Days!

By lovelupins17

Whip it... whip it good....

So the balloons at Chatsworth Fair didn't happen....again....... despite getting up at silly O'Clock and being hopeful that the wind was gentle enough.  No, not gentle enough it seems... stamps foot, puts hands on hips, rolls eyes and mutteringly curses.

Aaaaanyway... still much fun to be had at the Fair, well despite the fact I was as cold as I'd been since January. 

Couldn't decide between the whippet racing and the 'I love my horse... and my horse loves me too' young man.  But I opted for the Whippets... because any excuse to play a bit of Devo.  (Probably best not to go there unless you're a fan too - the hats never did catch on:)) 

Home tomorrow....... it's been a lovely long weekend :) 

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