JJ on the fence.

My busy weekend continued today. Despite all the alcohol and the very late night, I was up by seven o'clock this morning and editing all the birthday party photos. The photo book that I had ordered with the wedding pictures arrived yesterday so I jumped on a bus down to Hawick to deliver it.

I met Kay and a couple of our friends in the pub down there and she loved the album. Unfortunately her wife Diane had a rotten cold so didn't come down to join us. I got a lift back up the road with a couple who were heading to Edinburgh airport to start their holiday.

After I got home, I finished editing the family photos and stuck them on my Facebook page and put a few on our family Whatsapp chat. My 82 year old auntie had been explaining Whatsapp to me at the restaurant yesterday!

By seven o'clock I was starting to fall asleep but I nipped outside with the camera to snap a JJ blip before heading to bed for an early night.

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