Preschool set up in 1999: No support until now????

Kapandajuba preschool
23rd  August,2017
This preschool they have called themselvies the favoured preschool because of our support mainly the caregivers who have never  ever attended any workshop or training. So they were very happy today as we didi the follow up after having a workshop.They say the are now able to do what they learnt at the workshop making the work a bit easier. The school started 1999 up to 2017 its when they had the first workshop or training of any kind by anyone
GVH also thanks alot for the pot, cups and spoon given to the school.
They contribute flour for the children.
Area: Msiki
Group Village Head: Kapandajuba
Village Head:Chovani

Name of Local MP: Olipa Myawa
Name of Local Counsellor: Mr Lungu

Name of Location: Kapandajuwa
When was School Established: 1999
Do they have a building: Yes
When was is it build: 2003
Type of  building; Bricks and iron sheets
Is there a Kitchen: yes
Is there a Toilet: Yes
Does the Toilets have doors: No
Is ther porriadge ladies: Yes
Is there school committee: Yes
Is there church involved: No 
Is the school registered with social welfare: Yes
Is the school part o a f CBO (Community based organisation): Yes

S: 11 23 26
E: 33 53 47
Number of children: 48
Number of caregivers: 3
Do care givers get paid: No
Time to school from futhest household: 40mins
Time to nearest primary school: 30 mins
Time to nearest ssecondary school:  2 hrs

Glory Moyo; 0997315414
Are there girls with MSCE who could be trained as trainers: yes
Could they get a little money: yes

Not Yet
pre school number

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