By RealSandee

Porty Art Walk

What a productive day! Washing, shopping, cleaning etc. Then I went to Portobello to find out what Porty Art Walk is, met my friend J and visited one of the participants' home and art gallery. (Picture = her balcony just before you walk into her flat) What an interesting and amazing walk they've organised! ( I also learned about the kilns in Portobello. (Second picture) I did some research and found several websites which explain more about it. The last remaining pottery buildings in Scotland!! One of them is still in repair by the government, however, the second has a picture at the door which shows the inside of the building (as you can't go inside). What a great idea! Thank you Mister photographer (sorry, I forgot your name). After this short walk I went to the cinema watching Rough Night and Logan Lucky. Both funny and entertaining movies.

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