Little or Large?

When we got back from London yesterday l got in touch with my friend who told me her already very ill husband had taken a turn for the worse and was back in hospital.
She hadn't told me while l was away to spare me worrying about her.
I grabbed a few things for an overnight bag and went straight over to stay the night.
Came home this morning after she had gone back to the hospital with her daughter.
Really heavy rain all the way back and so not much impetus to go out again.
For about ten minutes this afternoon the sun came out and l took my camera into the garden. Lots of insects were out too and l was spoiled for choice in what to blip.
Settled on this white butterfly, wasn't sure which it was but looked at an identification chart which narrowed it down to a Little or Large White.
I'm plumping for Large because of the brown markings on its wings.
Please tell me if l'm wrong.
We see so few butterflies around here l found this a real treat.

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