But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Rowan Berries.

Merlin had a visit to the vet’s this afternoon, nothing serious, just a check-up before he could get a repeat prescription. Since it was pain-killers that he needed, it would have seemed cruel not to let him have them. He seems to be in remarkably good condition, bearing in mind his age and his ill treatment in his early life, not to mention the number of mishaps he’s suffered – including falling down a few stairs yesterday. He’s often referred to as “Dragon’s Breath,” and that was one of the things noticed by the vet; it seems he has a chronic oral infection and was given a course of anti-biotics to try and cure it. His teeth could do with some attention, again a leftover from his previous life, but it was decided, quite sensibly, that a dog of his age should not be given a risky anaesthetic for the sake of a few teeth; he is, after all, well past his sell by date.
We came home via the retail park so that herself could buy something for our tea, and while she was doing that I popped out of the car for a quick photograph. The rowan berries were quite spectacular, but not in the best situation for a celebratory Blip – but it was the best I could do with the time available.

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