By angellightphoto

always take a closer look...

...because that tiny fly often turns out to be something much more interesting - in this case, a bee.

Another beautiful morning that was followed by heavy showers, which were still in effect by the time I was free to get some fresh air and a blip. If there was anywhere that I was still likely to find butterflies, then it was Ballard Down, which was where I headed late this afternoon.

On the butterfly front, I found common and adonis blues, small coppers, small and large whites, red admirals, meadow browns and graylings, but what interested me most was these tiny bees feeding on the Field Scabious, Knautia arvensis. This chap is just 6mm in length and there were actually five of them on this one flower. These are solitary bees and just the other day I photographed a male Lasioglossum calceatum. I am no bee expert but I think this is also a species of Lasioglossum, possibly morio?

Going back to the blue butterflies, after yesterday's blip, I think I am safe in concluding that blue butterflies are popular. My heartfelt thanks for all the wonderful comments, stars, hearts and new subs...

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