Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

We visited the historical city of Murcia today. It rained by us which meant the beach and pool were off the cards so we tried our luck over the mountains. The weather was better(ish) but we were mostly covered by the tall buildings, narrow streets and canopies. This is the Murcia Cathedral, shot in Infrared, where we planned our route in a Starbucks situated on the LHS. It was quiet later on as the shops shut for the siesta, gave the streets a surreal feel. So finding a table for three was easy with plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from. Mrs Tuttle being a veggie made avoiding the totally fishy restaurants easy (boo hoo from me).

Returning home, we tried a detour via the Cartagena harbour which is a former naval base. The rain wasn't kind which meant a drive around the manic place. Then headed back along the coast road, dark clouds looming......

After a quick swim in the dark (and the rain), the lightning cracked. Big time. Now this was a storm like none other we've experienced. The pavement at our front became a river. The clouds rumbled and flicked between black and bright purple on each flash. Despite the opportunities I only got one decent(ish) lightning shot. But then the rain was so heavy it was tricky sheltering the lens. Totally Craze Balls.

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