Marking Time

By Libra

A Day in the LIfe of Lys Hansen

Well, it was predictable. It was as I had feared: the look of disappointment on visitors faces when they walked in and saw me instead of the flamboyant figure of Lys Hansen whose studio I was “studio-sitting” for the day while she entertained a visiting German sculptor.
( Lys is taking part in Perthshire Open Studios).

Still, once they had overcome their initial disappointment we spent a good time chatting.
This couple, Rodger Insh and his wife Maggie, had come from Montrose, a distance of at least one and a half hours by car, specifically to see Lys Hansen. So, you can see they were miffed to see me instead.
On talking to Rodger I learnt that he is an award winning traditional Scottish landscape artist.

And one of their children has just been appointed to the Courtauld Art Institute in London as an art historian. So a very gifted family.

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Lys Hansen 
Rodger Insh 

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