Learning day by day

By EmmaF

Yr6 and Yr3

Both in Key Stage 2, Carys in her last year at primary school, Will able to tie his laces and a tie. How did this happen? Life seems to be on fast forward right now and it needs to slow down.

They both had great days. C was happy to find out she gets a whole day still with her old Yr5 teacher, who is her (and my) absolute favourite. W was made up to be back with his bestie from his yr1 year. They were split up last year as W was still KS1 and M was in KS2. Different classes and different playgrounds, this year same class, same playground.

Day was spoilt at about 20.15 when W started crying in his sleep and then vomited with exorcist like proportions! For a boy who is never ill he dealt with it well considering he was actually ankle deep in vomit by the end! Luckily he was ill on his rug, he washed down and went back to bed, the rug was not so lucky and has been cut up and binned.

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