Mug fish, fish mug!

Couldn't decide between the fish or the mug for today's blip.
The mug is from when I was back on the radio at 0700 this morning with Mark Cummings on the breakfast show. Lots of talk about yesterday Frampton show and other local items including the 'Size of Ale' which is the pouring of ale onto a wooden stool, the assigned tester, wearing leather trousers/shorts, then sits on the stool for 3 minutes. If the leather sticks to the stool it shows there is too much sugar in the ale and he then has the power to shut down the pub! Yes, it's a very old tradition which I've never heard of anywhere else. Gloucestershire also has 'Onion Munching' at the Newent onion festival, the annual Cheese Rolling, Bog Snorkelling, and many many more strange traditions! If you are interested it's on iPlayer starting at 1h 13m. I don't say a huge amount but I do enjoy it.

The other, extra, photo is of the large fish in the tank at the dentist surgery. I went straight there from the studio to have a tooth repaired after the filling fell out a few days ago. No pain, no injection, just repaired and finished in 10 minutes. 

After two very early mornings I fell asleep about 13:30 and at 15:10 Marlane woke me as I had to get Lennon at 15:00!!!!! luckily it's only 5 minutes to the school and he's generally one of the last out.

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