By seizetheday

The most inviting...

BAAFest backblip 1

...loos! The toilets at BAAFest have to be the best festival loos ever. The cubicles are hand made, have the most ingenious locking devices, and a little sheep pops up to tell you to 'Keep out' if a cubicle is engaged. On the outside is a handbasin with a tap, and a bar of soap on a string; hand drying by fresh air. At night they're lit by hand-made lanterns. The flushing toilets (not a portaloo with that nasty blue flush in sight) were clean and well-stocked with loo roll all weekend. What more could you possibly ask?!

And now I've finished waxing lyrical on the subject of toilets -
We arrived at BAAFest (in Bellingham, Northumberland) in time to have a meal, chat with friends and go to the concert by the talented Flossie Malavialle - brought a tear to my eye when she sang Vin Garbutt's Morning Informs.

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