I spotted this a few weeks ago and have been looking out for the light to be on, with the doors shut, again, so that the picture inside would be framed as I'd seen it before.  Luckily tonight, when I wasn't in quite such a big rush as I normally am, the church had obliged for me.  I know it's not an amazing photo, but there's just something very satisfying about lining up something like this - a bit like one of those Channel 4 intros, where it only shows the 4 fleetingly, in passing.

Busy day at work, and I'm still feeling totally knackered after conference and the festival at the weekend.  Glad to get home tonight and have a nice easy and comforting dinner of leftover pie :)

Weird leak in the bathroom continues - there was a small amount of water again this morning, despite the water being turned off overnight = and again this evening after it was off all day.  What is going on?!

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