"When your heart's on fire"

"... you must realise
smoke gets in your eyes ..."*

*There have been many lovely recordings of this romantic song, but Nat King Cole's is one of my favourites.

This sand sculpture on Weston-super-Mare seafront was at the entrance to an exhibition of sand sculptures. (And smoke was coming out of  his eyes!) Only realised when I looked at the photo that it's one of those right-way-up-upside-down rotatable faces! So I've turned it upside-down and posted the image alongside. Can you see his 'new' face, looking down?

The sculptures are crafted entirely in sand, which has a particularly good binding quality on this beach.

My Extras reveal me as a skinflint! - though entrance was very expensive, and, to be fair, our time was severely limited. So I stood on the wall, took a couple of shots (see my selfie-shadow!) and settled for a short walk along the front.

Thank you for your good wishes for Mr PP -- he's bravely managing his tooth-loss admirably well.

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