Preparations and gratitude

Today has been a busy day, mostly in sunshine.
Washing doesn't dry completely outside, but enough to make it worthwhile.
The grass never dried put today, so we are in humidity-land.
Qi gong and tai chi have been done, with the window open.
Things have been packed into suitcases, plans have been laid.

We are off on our travels soon so there is a lot to do before we leave.
Pots of delicate blooms that are frost sensitive will have to be moved indoors.
Peas will need picking and eating - raw of course.
Cooking would be such a waste of taste!
Wine making will be attended to, and possibly even a taste will be had!
It smells quite lovely, elderflower wine.

I spent ages searching for a down quilt, a double one.
I mean, they are BIG and I lost track of it. there is a place, and it wasn't there. 
I found it eventually in the cellar, waiting to be washed I suppose.
Can't remember doing that...
Anyhow, it's back in the bedroom now, the nights are getting chillier.

A group of people in our town are helping one particular Roma woman from Rumania. 
She's expecting twins, her 6th and 7th children and she sits all day outside one of our supermarkets, begging. 
The planned caesarian will cost her £300 + backhanders for the medical staff, she needs to get electricity into her home, and to buy wood before their winter arrives.
We have collected a lot of money this week, using the internet banking called Swish, and spreading the word on facebook. 
We live in plenty, and we can share.
A lot!

I have a bag of winter clothes and boots to pass on, and a box of art supplies for her children; paper, pencil crayons, pastells etc. 
I could live to be 150 and not use all my materials up.
It feels good to give some of them away.
And imagine them being used...

I am so grateful for the very kind and understanding words you wrote on my blip of yesterday. I was really shaken that I could forget plans like that. It really isn't like me, or like the me I used to be when I was that sort of me... It was the last thing I thought of as I fell asleep, and the first thing in my head this morning - so hearing reassuring and empowering words was just lovely, thank you all.

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