Traipsing through the Alsatian wine country

A day of sun (sorta...) finally allowed for a trip down memory lane with hubby through the nearby wine country side. 

We bounced around through a number of villages and sites, but spent a lot of time in Kaysersberg (featured as the main), a charming cobblestoned streets and half-timber houses (see extra) with terraced vineyards. It was just voted "France's favorite village." Deservedly so, in my opinion. 

Because of its strategic position high at the crossroads leading into Lorraine, the place was inhabited as early as Roman days. The castle that overlooks it was built in the 12th century and most of its stately houses in the 13th through 15th century. Lots of history there! Oh! and it's the birth place of Albert Schweitzer :)  

The other extra is from Katzenthal, a village along the wine road, up at the top of the vineyards that overlook the village. There, we met up with some the wine makers I'd photographed for my project/exhibit a year ago. Beyond the village in the image is the Alsatian plain and beyond that, on the other side of the Rhine River, the German Black Forest range. 

And yes, in spite of the German sounding names of the villages, we are still in France: the Alsace region has "changed hands" a few times between France and Germany (most of us still speak both languages): it's nice to be wanted? :)

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