As usual on a Saturday morning, Mr. HCB and I went to Jack’s for coffee - and even treated ourselves to an egg and bacon roll - such decadence, but the smell of frying bacon tempted us.

As we sat at the table, I took several photographs of the beautiful roses in a vase - and have to compliment them for always having fresh flowers - so knew that if I didn’t see anything for the Silly Saturday challenge, then I had at least one photograph.  

We enjoyed our breakfast roll and chatted with several friends about this and that, and we were musing about what was in the window of Oink, the gallery opposite Jack’s.  Mr. HCB thought it was something to do with lit matches, but I wasn’t so sure, so I decided I need to take a closer look.  

In fact, when I cross the road and was right outside the shop window, I realised it was an umbrella with various lipsticks - which, if I were spending that amount, I might buy for my granddaughter for Christmas, but we have agreed a limit and unfortunately, this is rather a lot higher than that!

While I was taking the photograph, a couple walked along and the man asked me what I was doing, as they were obviously about to go into the gallery.  I told him about Blip and he said that he remembered me from sometime ago when I had taken a photograph of the monkey in their window.  I said that I was looking for something to take for Silly Saturday and he immediately said “Well you should take a photograph of me then!” and laughed - so with an invitation like that, how could I refuse?

I even asked their names - so here are Mark, the owner of Oink, and Lily - I rather liked the photograph in mono - so not really a “silly” photograph, but one I was pleased to be invited to take.  If you want to know more about the gallery, do have a look here and I have put the photograph of the umbrella in as an extra.

     is asking for rain 
          and faith 
               is carrying the umbrella.”
Barbara Johnson 

P.S.  I sent a copy of my Blip to Mark and Lily - and they responded and signed themselves "Mark and Lily (acting silly!) so I decided to change my title - how lovely!

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