Silly Story for Saturday

When our daughter lived at home, she and I would play this little piece by Beethoven on our piano while Al played the saxophone part.   We loved it, and it always brought back happy memories.

About a year ago, I tried to find the music so our daughter could play it with our granddaughter.

I have stacks and stacks of sheet music, and I carefully went through each piece, trying and trying to find the music, or at least remember the title so I could buy it no avail.

This morning, I heard Al practicing the sax, and I nearly flew down the 
stairs!!!   He was playing the song I've been looking for!!!

We had all forgotten that the music was in his saxophone book, and that he had transposed it as we played it on piano.

I can hardly wait to hear my daughter and granddaughter playing it together!

Mystery solved!!   And now I need to go practice!!

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