By cowgirl

New kid on the blocks!

As I now have a 'little black book' of tradesmen ( well, their numbers are stored in my phone ) I volunteered to sort out a couple of issues Joy and Ian needed sorting. Managed to get a plumber and an electrician round on the same day around the same time.

I went round just to be there if needed - actually neither myself nor Ian could find the light bulbs when they were requested ... Ian went out buy some, so lucky I was there as the plumber came and went whilst he was gone ( just a measure up for a quote for now ).

Once the electricians had sorted the outside lights they were off too, then I helped Ian apply Sudocream to the legs of both their chickens as they have mites.

By now it was about coffee time for the builders at the site I visited last week, which is only 5 mins from where I was. Joe said I had to bring enough for Luke too, so's he didn't get grumpy! I took enough for the home owners ( Mr and Mrs J - who are Jake the jolly joiners parents ) and any extras.

Luke was on breeze block duty, whilst Joe continued on with the exterior brick work. Understandably, Mrs. J. is very keen to have it finished. I'm just jealous of her new kitchen and utility space!

Anyway, the caramel shortbread seemed to go ok, although I haven't had a verdict from the joiner yet ...

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