The Evacuation......

I am home, got power yesterday.  I had to sleep around north Florida at friends house because we were without power for so very long.  But, it feels good to be back.  I have been blessed with wonderful friends that were able to help the girls and I out.
I am home. Hurricane Irma hit us Monday morning at 1:20.  We lost power, the winds were howling all around, the trees swayed so much that some of there overhead canopy was brushing the lawn.  Those trees were 40 to 50 feet tall.  I walked out the front door during a silent moment.  Looking upward, i could see the easterly/ north easterly wall of the eye.  there were stars looking upward into the sky.  When one looked around to the other side of the eye, there was nothing....  clouds swirling around and moving counter clockwise at a great clip.  After several minutes the stars disappeared, the sky blinked out and the swirl clouds came over the house. The winds returned with a vengeance and I rushed back into the house.
    The house was solid.  It didn't shake, move or creak.  No windows bless in, The hurricane french doors with stood the battering wonderfully.  With no power, nothing to do but get my girls and go to bed.  The fury of the storm kind of lulled a very tired woman to sleep, like the rocking of a boat.  The girls were curled up very tight against me  and slept as well.  The friends sheltering with me stayed up for a while, but they to feel asleep on the couch from sheer exhaustion.
      With no power I haven't Blipped for a week.  Each backblip that I post was taken on the date I post to,  I will try to catch up by spacing them out.  
     What you see in today's post is a house in my neighborhood boarded up and left to stand by it's owners.  They evacuated in the flood of cars out of Florida.  There were empty gas stations and not a drop of gas to be found anywhere's. The stores were stripped of all their supplies, shelves bare.  We are only now getting food.

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