Man of the Match!!!

Fraser is "on tour" with the county under 25 team in Northumberland and has been having a great trip so far.

Today he and his team mates were playing in Alnwick. They were head and shoulders above the opposition and won by 48 shots overall.

It's not the norm to have a man of the match but on tour it's a tradition and today Fraser was picked out as standing out. He was in salubrious company with a smattering of older internationalists in the team but he did very very well

I am very proud of him not only for how he played but how he behaved and how he was dignified in victory. It's not everyone that knows how to win and it's important in my opinion to take victory and defeat in the same good grace a lesson Fraser seems to have learned at a young age... a good day

The older boys accept him for his ability and laugh and joke with him for as one of them said to me tonight we're more than a team we're a family and Fraser one of us!!!

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