No dramatic skies today: everything was just grey and wet. Didn't even want to open the door to get this shot. Here you see my garden lounge set, all covered up. Last year it was very hot and we could sit outside. No such luck this year...

Inge and Ellis had their violin lessons today and both are doing great. Nienke had a hockey game. She helped out another team because they were short on players and that didn't work out very well for her: their opponents were taller, faster and older and they lost 24-0. Or something similar; at some point they lost count. Oh, and it was raining of course. Still, she was happy and said she had a good time. Well, that's all that's important. At night we watched a movie on Netflix together while Martine went out for the Airport Run in Eelde, which should have her using the runway for what its name suggest: running. There's a big afterparty planned so I'm not sure I will even be seeing her before falling asleep but until then I have the tv and Netflix all to myself while covered under a blanket on the couch so I'm good!

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