I spy...

... through the periscope of HMS Alliance.

Rogers birthday today so being the good wife that I am I gave him the day off the decorating and we headed to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard with our return tickets. This time we headed for the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport and from there got the waterbus over to the main dockyard before coming back to look around the only remaining WW2 era submarine.

The sleek exterior does nothing to prepare you for how cramped it really is inside. Meeting our tour guide a submariner in the forward torpedo store he bought the submarine to life telling stories of how 63 crew lived, worked, ate and slept pretty much on top of each other for around 2 months at a time. It was cramped with just 15 of us in there and that was without all the paraphernalia but once our guide explained how much extra they would of had to get on board there wouldn't of been a spare inch of space left making it far more claustrophobic. The tour continued into the control room where I was able to get this shot through the actual periscope then on through the engine room and finally the aft torpedo compartment before we got to see light and breathe fresh air again. Hats off to those guys managing in such conditions.

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