Boom boom

Final day of our weekend of events for the Story of Silverdale.
It has been a great success and has inspired lots of community spirit. The weather has been just perfect for the 18 walks and many other outdoor events.
I spent an hour this afternoon stewarding at our second exhibition hall. Here we had on display the work of village artists.
My eye was taken by this stained glass rendering of one of our most famous local birds. It is a Bittern which hides in the Reed beds. You are lucky to see one but in Spring you will hear the deep booming call of the male.
This is the work of Debbie Copley and whilst I was wondering whether I could blip it without permission, who should come into the room but the artist herself. She charmingly agreed that she was happy for me to use the picture.
The horn is the famous HMV symbol. And the bottle. Well if you blow across the top of it you will get a booming sound very much like the sound of the Bittern.
Anyone who would like to see more of Debbies talented work can go to

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