The Grim Reaper & The German Election

Theodor Heuss Platz is full of huge election placards . Imagine my surprise on seeing the Grim Reaper and a professional photographer making a shoot .The sun was full in my eyes but I got some shots .Then met both of them. Grim Reaper was happy to pose for a blip  & gave me a card to ensure I went and booked a ticket at Die Wühlmäuse , Das Berliner Kaberett Theater just over from my flat .The hooded crow was busy watching .You never know, this clever bird may get in on the act .The majority of Blip is English and may consider this awful humour .Speaking for myself I like German Comedy .It's very sharp ,clever  and not punctuated by bad language and four letter words which has to be good.
German Humour .Yes They Do Have

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