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14th September 2017:
Excited people for having clean and safe water, which they never hope that it can happen.
They were using open wells and rivers as their water source. Thanks W4Z for keeping the promise  and now they will be using safe water.

This is pump 318 for year to date, so there are so many happy people.
No more fear of Cholera and other borne diseases.

This is a new area for us and over 250 km form our factory in Mzuzu.
Alfred, head of our pump department, sent me this during the week in Kasungu

Hi Boss,
Yes I have taken a long time without telling you the progress of our work here, in Kasungu , that is because I was a bit committed with the making of pumps in the factory. Everyone was busy in the factory the past two weeks because we had very few parts in the storage but now we have made many more parts.
I was also busy training Christopher to make some parts on lathe and I'm glad to inform you that now he can make some parts on lathe without any supervision.
As of now, I'm also training Manase (boy from lower field) to know how to install, maintain a pump when broken. To know the sizes of how to dig Wells, to know how to build a well and many more. I'm doing this because there are some areas people don't know how to dig wells or even don't know materials to be used so that W4Z should give them a pump. Manase will be one who will be teaching those who don't know with our pump. (the villagers)
Yes boss, I visited so many groups of people though many of them they depend on the help of the donors and white people. Here in Kasungu, I visited another group of women who at first they were prostitutes and now they have formed a group. Some of their duties are to sensitise the community about the Aids pandemic and to try stop this behovious, but much of it is to feed their families and we need to support them. They also work with different organisations in the areas who has come in the area as volunteers. Some of them approached us and asked if we could teach them how to install and maintain our pump and I'm happy that to inform you boss that they have quickly learned how to install and how to maintain. They follow us each and every place the pump being installed.
Another group is Youth Act Malawi comprises of Youths in the area of Traditional Authority Mwaswera. Some of their duties are to teach people about sanitation and water and stopping their fellow youths indulging into bad behaviours. This group also helps us to direct us where Wells should be installed.
We arrived in Kasungu on the 13th of September and much of our time on this day, we spent almost introducing ourselves to the different people at the District.Commissionerss office. We met the following people at the D.Cs office :E.M.E (head of the developments in the district), Head of Youths, Head of councillors, Staff from water department and some chiefs all of them, they were impressed with our pump and warmly welcomed us to do our operations in the district.
The E.M.E only that directed us that, we should attend one of the D.E.C meetings to held in future, so that our organisation should be well known to everyone in the district. And also to tell us the real places people lack good and safe water. But all in all boss, people here they are very happy with our work we are doing.
Water is a big problem in most parts of Kasungu.

Thanks Boss


District:  Kasungu
Area:  Chabwera
Village:  Chabwera
Distance from factory:  242  km
Depth of well:  7.9  meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  300  meters
Number served:  100 families
Preschool:  15 mins
Primary school:  15 mins
Secondary school: 5 mins

S: 13  03   50
E: 33   26  35


Greciam Nyirenda: 0881283129


Dedicated to  Cano Hueros and family, Spain

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