Chatham Lighthouse

Not Chatham, Kent..Chatham Massachusetts!

The weather has been rather fretty again today, probably because Storm Jose is on the way up the Atlantic coast and may end up being a nuisance to us tomorrow (Tuesday). Our plan is to drive to Boston in the morning and then fly to Detroit to spend the next few days there with Son#1 and our Daughter-in-law, so we're hoping to escape from Cape Cod and then from Boston before any major havoc may develop - if indeed it does. Fingers crossed.

Anyway we made the best of the not-so-good weather today and went to Chatham to see the Lighthouse. I thought that a gritty mono suited the scene best and was pleased that a family happened to be in position, playing in the sand, to add to the foreground interest. The lighthouse gives 2 flashes every 10 seconds so I was able to catch it in the act as you can see.

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