By wellsforzoe

9th September 2017:

People in this area, had almost lost hope because they stayed for long time since wells were constructed. This was so because they told us that before our operations, in the district we should first hold a full D.E.C meeting, with 68 members, and pay expenses for travel food and drinks. When we explained that our money is very limited they understood and came to meet us. Now we are happy that every thing is sorted and we have installed the pumps  and they are very thankful to W4Z for great help. Many more pumps to come.


District:  Kasungu
Area:  Mwesambuzi
Village:  Chiliwawa
Distance from factory:  240  km
Depth of well:  7.5 meters
Former water source:  open well
Furthest from well:  94 meters
Number served:  78 families
Preschool:  10 mins
Primary school:  25 mins
Secondary school:  1 hr.

S: 13  01  54
E: 33  25  58


Annie Makala: 0999111019


Conor, Ciaran, Nell and Tony, Dublin Ireland.

Pump Number


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