Great day at ICE Comic Con today. The show itself was pretty small (I did a circuit of it within half an hour) but the panels & hanging out with my fellow nerd buddies were totally worth the price of admission. The first panel, hosted by Geek Syndicate (Barry & Dave), featured Will Sliney & Freddie Williams II, and was great fun! After a wee chat in the bar, Sam, Phil, Fia and I popped out for lunch (to a veggie hot dog place that was surprisingly not shit) before heading back for Dan Slott's panel. He's an enchantingly fascinating dude and a great talker, so that was great. Then came another, weirdly intense, Geek Syndicate panel, this time discussing the state of the comics industry in the UK. Sadly there probably wasn't enough time to really get our teeth into this so it ended up being a little negative with no real outcome, but it was definitely interesting nonetheless.

Whilst Barry & Dave went back to their hotel, I met with Kie & Paul at Island Bar for cocktails; they were serving Zoolander cocktails which were absolutely delicious! Then it was off to the unofficial after party at the Victoria, before ending the night in Barry & Dave's hotel room, putting the nerd world to rights (and possibly going some way to plan the next live charity podcast!)

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