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By creativelenna

urban Journal remix - in process!

I receive art newsletters from Roben-Marie Smith and that's where I found out about her free workshop, Urban Journal Remix. Whoo hoo! 
Go HERE to learn more about it. :o) This photo shares my 18 prepared pages for the journal, laid out on the guest bedroom bed after I sewed various 1/2 pages, decorative paper designs by Roben-Marie, and other papers to the pages. Now I'm ready to put the pages together, 2 at a time, into the long folded tabs I covered with old bookkeeper pages. In fact, I took all of the Bookkeeper's pages out of the book so I could re-bind it with these new pages. This is all part of the class! I'll share a photo of the empty cover in the "extra photos". There you can see the white tabs, before I covered them with recycled paper.

If you look closely at the plain tan paper sewed onto a page that touches the bottom of the image, you can read in cursive where it says, "Dr. Deming" at the top of the tan paper swatch. That is my husband Steve's Grandfather! We think this accounting book must have belonged to him. The dates are 1921-1923, so that makes sense. 

I have not made any books for a long while and now this is the 2nd one I've made in 2 weeks . . . hmmmm??!! I do enjoy it, it keeps me thinking creatively and out of trouble! When I finish putting this journal together, I will share the finished product with you here. :0) 

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