Aperture on Life

By SheenaghMclaren

In the Woods

In the middle of a nearby wood, there is a shooting hut.  Once run by an excentric ex-policeman, Derek, the tin shed was lined with Oriental style carpets, old sofas and the wood burning stove was topped with pans of delicious soup.  

A friend and I were dog walking and couldn't resist going around to have a poke about and reminisce.

The shoot still runs although Derek died a good few years back. The remnants of his strange collections still stand as a tribute to him. 
These wooden statues, only Derek knew where they came from, have stood at the back of the shed for more years than I can remember and are in amazingly good condition considering their exposure to the elements.

Reminder to self, that I should go back for other blips of the site.

Back blipping my gap year

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