I've been trying to get a better perspective on life today.

I think I have. My bad humour is probably down to me needing a proper  holiday. I've had plenty short trips this year, but nothing longer than 3 nights/4 days. 

Well, today I started on practical stuff in preparation for getting on the plane on Monday. A list, of course. One item was to check I'll have enough medication to last until I get back, so that's done.

Another was to remind myself of the flight times - then I can plan around them. I'll have the morning in Istanbul on Tuesday, so I can think about how to spend the time.

A good gossip with Doǧan to start. He's the owner of the guesthouse I'm staying in, and the brother of my ex partner S. A Good Guy (Scots will know the implications of not being this).

The guesthouse is about 200m from the Blue Mosque, so the call to prayer bounces you out of bed at dawn to say "welcome to Istanbul".

I should make space in my suitcase for a bottle of malt for him. 

I did most of the A List tourist sights ages ago. The Suleymaniye Mosque is maybe the missing bit of that jigsaw. We'll see.

Maybe I'll settle for jumping on a ferry to Kadiköy on the Asian Side, just for the views of the city from the Bosphorus. A Turkish tea (in a glass) and a simit (like a bagel with sesame seeds on it) on the boat.

I feel better just thinking about it.

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