Mostly Six Five Oh

By nhc


Yep. Another fire alarm. This time I was able to get Naboo out - lord knows how but I got him in that damn carrier and down to the sidewalk with him howling all the way and the alarms blaring. My nerves are shot, I don't know how many more of these I can do.

Anyway, this was the fire department - two big, big trucks - and the fireman just turning after he'd waved and shouted all clear. They'd suited up and had axes in hand ready for anything - thank goodness of these people, really, they are amazing.

Construction dust in one of the units that was being done up had blown up around the smoke detector and set the whole building alarm off.  

Naboo seems ok, better for the trip down to the sidewalk even though he wasn't happy about it, less traumatized than when I had to leave him last time when I absolutely couldn't reach him under the bed. He's had two calming treats and is sitting next to me, not hiding, so that's good. But he's pissed. Understandably.

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