Isaac's Apple Tree

The Flower of Kent is the variety - and this tree is growing from the roots and remaining trunk of the original tree under which Newton sat when The Apple fell. Apparently it's a bitter-tasting cooking apple - not a particularly nice one - but it certainly looks pretty (see inset photo).

This chap in contemporary costume told us all about the fruit and the tree's history and gave us a windfall. IF we plant the seeds and IF they grow, it won't of course be a proper 'Flower of Kent' as it could have been cross-pollinated, but there are grafted trees all over the world that came from this original tree. And there are a few grafted 'spares' in the same garden, just in case this one blows down. It was interesting to walk round Newton's old homestead, Woolsthorpe Manor, a National Trust property in Lincolnshire. Lots of 'hands on' science experiments going on today, too, mostly aimed at children, but who cares?!

Could have blipped dozens of things today from the beautiful gardens of Belton House (another National Trust property) to this evening's full moon. What a lovely day we've had, culminating in dinner with Miss PP, her boyfriend and his family. So now it's bloated to bed we go ... G'night all!

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