But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave


Took Mrs TD to Ingliston and helped to set up the Project Linus stall for the quilt show that’s taking place over the week-end. Having put the display stand together and filled some transparent envelopes with quilting patterns (yours for 50p each) I wandered around the exhibits. As always here, the lighting is very poor so, although I took a few pictures, I’m not proud of them.
During the evening camera club meeting I was asked to explain the basics to one of our new members. While I have a pretty good grasp of the way cameras work, and was able to explain the exposure triangle to the young lady in my care, I found myself in very deep water trying to show her how to set the aperture on her Nikon. I refrained from asking who the hell advised her to buy an SLR for her first camera without even explaining the basic reason for owning a system camera. I just apologised for my inadequacy and passed her on to a Nikon owner.

Next up was a mother and daughter combination; the daughter is going to Africa on a three week school trip, has the offer of a second-hand Olympus with two lenses, and wanted to know if it was worth the £200 asking price; it’s altogether a much more suited to a novice than an SLR though personally, I would have suggested a bridge camera.
The Blip is of my lovely assistant for the evening, and was quickly taken to illustrate the benefits of a real flash-gun with a diffuser compared to the camera’s pop-up one. The lighting is still a bit harsh but it turned out much better than I’d expected though I had to do a bit of post-processing to make the lad look pretty.

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