How kind!

I treated my lot to some Snickers (stupid name - what was wrong with Marathon?). I couldn't resist as they are rather grumpily packaged at the moment.

I had to look it up as I wasn't sure what it was all about and it is part of a marketing campaign to illustrate that 'you are not you' when you are hungry

I think it was rather lost on my lot as Ian said he didn't like them, and mum declared that they are too sweet. Looks like Leo may need to be an irritable, stroppy numpty!

He was a happy chappy today though, as in the battle of the Cully schools, Willowbank were victorious against St Andrew's. They won the footie match 2-0. It is amusing when they play each other in school matches as usually lots of them are teammates when they come together as Cully Rangers for Devon Youth matches.

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