The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Another Mystical Maashorst...

Another foggy morning... and again it was wonderful to walk through it...Suddenly my girlfriend Ellen made a little jump and almost whispered "Ohhh, look that's so cute" and there it was a new born Taurus's calf (in the extra)... At a safe distance we had a nice scene to watch, the little one was cuddling with its mum, and wanted to drink milk... heart melting... With circumferential movements we have continued our path... Meanwhile, we were joking was that I was really happy Ellen finally got her glasses... She told me that she felt her ovaries clicking by the look of so much sweetness... so we had some good laughs during our walk through the mist...

Many thanks to Admirer for hosting this wonderful and so much fun challenge SillySaturday.

Thank you all for the overwhelming love for my yesterdays Blip! It's highly appreciated... Xxx 

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