Daydreamer’s dream

I visited Kaisa House, Helsinki University Main Library for the first time in my life. This beautiful building was opened in in September 2012. I was very impressed by it!

"Helsinki University’s new library, on the other hand, is a daydreamer’s dream − a library to make a scopophile’s eyes gleam and mouth water. Daylight floods the building through curvaceous scoops in the facades and flows down through three ovoid atria into the structure’s heart. In this hibernatory and frequently frozen city, which spends more time beneath the blankets than a teenage boy, daylight is a scarce commodity to be cherished; this building wrings it from the sky to the very last drop and then splashes it all over its gleaming white interior."
Tom Wilkinson’s full review on The Architectural Review’s website

I also visited to the Finnish Museum of Photography in Kaapelitehdas. The American photographer Francesca Woodman's exhibition On Being an Angel was great! Woodman (1958–1981) created a world of intimate and emotional pictures during her intensive life, prior to her tragic death at only 22. One of her photo's as an extra. There were also two other exhibitions in the museum: Lorenzo Servi's City Wonders and Jari Silomäki: Rehearsals for adulthood.

Then I went to another interesting place, to the Design Museum to see three exhibitions: Utopia Now – The Story of Finnish DesignOur Scissors and Enter and Encounter. Again, very fascinating tour! I liked especially the scissors exhibition.

Back home late in the evening. What a invigorating and inspiring trip I had!

+13°C, cloudy

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