Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


This is G's desk! (It's ok; I obtained permission to take a picture and have it as my blip).

Today it tells a story of being quite untidy at the end of a work week. Then today she spent a bit of time in the afternoon clearing out a lot of papers (I could hear them being torn up). Then I showed her how to scan documents so she can send them to students in Switzerland whom she's going to be teaching via Skype! She then learnt how to sync the files to the cloud, pick them up on her phone and email them!

And then, within minutes, as if she waved that magic wand, she had tidied up the whole area to leave it looking like this and left the room - so I could do the ironing.

I have discovered the reason why the flat I feel so hot these days. It's because of this new restaurant downstairs. I woke up in the morning and put my feet on the tiled floor and instead of being cool (as it would normally be), it was really warm. Argh!

And in the afternoon, we spent some time hearing about a unique celestial phenomena happening today with the line up of stars!

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