Blue Hamish

By BlueHamish

A penny for your thoughts

Received a text from Matthew this morning asking if I had any of my dad's pipes, to which the answer was no. He quit smoking several years before he passed away and when we emptied the house I don't recall seeing any or throwing any away so I assume he had disposed of them when he gave them up which was the sensible thing to do. I did ask why Matthew was asking and got a reply that shows what a deep thinker he can sometimes be (see below).

Just an interesting past time. Been watching load of videos on it. People smoke a pipe when they want to relax and take time, make a decision and stuff. Some people have pipes that people have smoked throughout world war 1 and 2. Imagine the decisions that they have made or things they've thought about whilst smoking that pipe. Would have been quite cool if you still had granddad's. It was his time to think.

Loren, Matthew's cousin on the other hand does have one as you can see from the picture and she apparently takes it everywhere with her. I find that rather touching, clearly these two share certain traits.

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