Adam's Images

By ajt


Today we cycled further in land to visit the Abbeye De Maillezais. After lunch at the abbey car park including free apples and grapes we walked round the abbey which is quite large and amazingly complete given how long it's been a ruin. It took several hours to walk round the whole place.

The main picture is a modern sculpture representing one of the local lords who sacked the abbey and then later relented building it back up again. There are quite a few pictures of the abbey/cathedral in the extras.

We then cycled to another village to hire a boat to visit the wet swamps - these are the watery extras. Finally we cycled home into the fearsome headwinds - which was not fun.

As we were making dinner at the campsite we realised that one set of bike and house keys were missing, so my better half set off to retrace our steps to find the keys - only to discover she had a flat tyre. Ho hum, not sure what we'll do tomorrow, but losing keys is not good...

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