Doors Open!

I've had a brilliant day today, and it's all thanks to blipper Musselburgh Lass for pointing out to me that it was Edinburgh's Doors Open weekend. 

We got up to town at mid-day and managed to get round nine venues before closing time. We saw some fascinating things - the newly restored Riddell's Court, Trinity Apse (knew it existed, never found it till today), St Cecilia's Hall ( with organ recital as a bonus), St Columba -next-the-Castle (a fantastic a cappella group singing in there), and the magnificent Old St Paul's Church ( only known to me before as the place where my mother used to go Old Time Dancing.) 

Of the many shots, I've chosen one of a paper sculpture at Riddell's Court. No-one knows who makes these mysterious works of art. They are just left at the intended venue. I think this one features Patrick Geddes,  to whom the city owes an enormous debt for the preservation of much of the old town. 

He's in the extra too, in his memorial garden. 

And there's one of the interior of Old St Paul's, surprisingly opulent amid the dour closes of the High Street.

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