... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: White-Naped Cranes

Longer-limbed in large.
Back blip

We had an adorable-animal-filled time at WWT London in Barnes in the afternoon. It was pretty quiet there, and even the animals were pretty snoozy. It's taken me ages to sort through my 400 pictures, and I struggled to choose my blip. This isn't my favourite photo, but the cranes were probably my less-familiar favourite, so I thought I'd blip them for a change...

My other selected photos (inc. several series) are visible on Flickr here.
Black spur-winged goose
Hawaiian geese (nēnē): grazing & snoozing
Red-breasted geese: pairpainterly
Cranes: brothers, staring, wading with wings, close-up
Bewick's swans: synchronised swanning 1 and 2
Emperor geese: swimmingdoing "Blue Steel", & looking adorable
Mandarins: drake & duck and drake
Magpie goose-stepping
Goose shapes

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